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The Buyer’s Guide to Vinyl.

Living Vinyl is an audio specialist that offers expert advice, time, discretion and comfortable demo space necessary for you to enjoy the beauty of sound. Whether you prefer solid state, valve, vinyl, CD, streaming audio, or pure two channel, you can listen to the synergy of products in our showroom and let your ears make the decisions.

Yes, you can (only for vinyls). You do not need to sign up for an account before adding items to your shopping cart. Place the item into “My Cart” by clicking on the “Add To Chart” button on the detailed product page. When you are ready to complete your purchase and check out, click on the “Shopping Cart” link on the top menu bar, and then click “Check Out”. After checking out of Living Vinyl., your order(s) will then be directed to each store that you are buying from and those stores will be in contact with you shortly to follow up with on your order(s).

1) When you fill up your shopping cart with multiple items you will most likely be ordering from different stores that are located in different parts of the country/world. Realise this and know that each seller will add their own separate shipping charge to the price of the items in your order with them.

2) Seller do not ship the goods until you have paid them.

3) Once your orders have been placed with the various sellers on the system, it is each sellers responsibility to contact you regarding following up with the status of your order with them. Living Vinyl requires each seller that you are buying from to contact you within 5 days using our order processing and tracking system or else we disable the sellers account on Living Vinyl until they have contacted you. If you don’t receive and order status update to your order and 5 days has gone by, please follow up with the seller directly on the status of your order (please do not contact Living Vinyl as we won’t be able to help you).

4) It is always good to feel comfortable with the seller(s) that you are doing business with. You should read all Living Vinyl feedback about the seller(s) and look at their seller statistics. If a seller is too new on the system or doesn’t have much seller statistics or feedback, you may want to play it safe and deal with a more established Living Vinyl seller.

Assuming the store where you placed your order has not already processed your order, below are the two ways to cancel your order.

Option 1:

Sign into the Living Vinyl and cancel your order there. You can do this by signing in to Living Vinyl and then clicking on the order you wish to cancel. After you have clicked on the order you wish to cancel you must also individually select the items in that order you wish to cancel, and then click the CANCEL button. Once this is done, the Living Vinyl system will know the order is canceled and will also email the seller informing them that the order is canceled also.

Option 2:

Contact us directly via e-mail infoenquires@livingvinyl.com.my or call +604-2282432, and let them know you would like to cancel your order with them.

Sign into Living Vinyl and click on the order(s) where you entered the wrong shipping address. On the next screen that comes up click UPDATE next to your incorrect shipping address and update your shipping address. If the seller hasn’t already processed your order, your updated shipping address will be used for processing the order.

Only the store where you placed your order can answer this question. Follow up with that store by contacting them by email, phone or snail-mail and asking about your order. Most stores will respond to your email when you write them, but not all stores have the best customer service, or sometimes your emails never reach them due to over active spam filters.

Each store on Living Vinyl grades their items individually. So an item marked ‘Good’ at one store might mean something different then an item marked ‘Good’ at another store. If gradings and condition meanings are not listed clearly enough for you on the detailed product page of an item, please contact the seller of the item and ask them explain their condition and gradings system in more detail to you before you place your order on Living Vinyl.